Fan Carver's World


Fan-Carving Classes

with Sally and David Nye

The Old World folk art of fan-carving is the process of riving long-fibered wood and then fanning it to create a three-dimensional design. Fans and fan birds* are the most common items made. Folks are amazed that such unique items can be made from one-piece-of-wood. ...making a fan bird is magical. 
It's fun to do! 

A. No previous carving skill is required.
B. All of the necessary tools are furnished.
C. Our world-wide collection of fan birds is displayed.
D. Class size limit is 1-2 persons for a quality learning experience. 

The student will learn:
1. Fan bird history dating to the early 1600's
2. The types of wood that work for fan-carving
3. How to get the blank from the log & prepare it for fan-carving
4. How to work with green (wet) wood
5. How to rive wood (split fibers) to make feathers/blades
6. How to turn the rived blades and interlock them to produce a fan
7. How to create 3-dimensional designs (birds etc.) from one-piece-of-wood

*The fan bird had meaningful legends and customs, as it signified goodness and happiness. Today, as in the past, the fan bird is hung in the home to protect the family and insure health and happiness. 

Two-Day Class:

1. Fan (to learn the basic cuts: Interlock, hinge & riving)

2. Fan bird dove with two wings and a tail.

3. Hummingbird with a single tail.

4. Goose with two wings and a tail.

5. Fan bird history

Plus your choice of the following (as time allows):

  • Hummingbird with two wings and a tail
  • Butterfly

See Patterns in ...more FAN-CARVING HERE

Light lunch & beverage included. 
Cost: $200.00
(plus $4.00/fan blank & $6.00/each additional blank).

Any additional days requested are $50 per day with students choice of subject from our website.

Classes offered at:
Fan Carver's World 
2160 66th St. 
Fennville, MI
USA        49408 

Ph: 269-543-4755