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Fan-carved dove article
Fan-carved dove
By Sally and David Nye

Fan-Carved Dove is an article that appeared in Wood Carving...  the British publication issue #107, March/April 2009. Click on the dove to view this article or you can find it on pages 14 thru 18 in this issue.
Lady with Parasol
Sally and David Nye: Fan Carvers in Search of History
by Joanna Werch Takes

The article appeared in woodworker journal eZine issue 304, posted date: 3 Jun 2012 
...Click on the Lady with Parasol to view this article.
Researching Folk Arts
…how to go about it
By Sally and David Nye

This article will help you with your quest to research Old World folk arts regardless of language and cultural barriers.
Schwarz Castle

To find out about the Schwarz Castle built by Sally's great-grandfather, click on the photo of the castle.