Fan Carver's World

What is fan-carving?

Fan-carving is the process of slicing wood into thin blades (feathers) and then turning and interlocking them to create a 3-dimensional design from one piece of wood. Fans and birds are the most popular items made.  

One piece of wood?

Yes, it is hard to believe, but the individual blades are not detached and then reattached with glue. The blades are turned while the wood is wet which allows the wood fibers to turn without breaking.

Is it difficult?

No, fan-carving is considered an entry level to woodcarving. It is not complicated and it is fun to do! You will be surprised at how short a time it takes to make a fan or bird.

What do I need to know?

There are three basic cuts that make fan-carving unique from other types of woodcarving: the interlock cut, the hinge cut and riving/slicing individual blades. Once these cuts are understood, you will see the magic of fan-carving.

How old is fan-carving?

Our research has revealed that fan-carving is an Old World folk art. With the help of European museums and their archival documents, we have traced its history and migration from the ancient Russian region, across the European continent to North America.

Is there any symbolism?

Yes, all of the legends and customs we found associated with the fan bird are of a religious and spiritual nature. The consistent theme is that the bird protects the home and brings health and happiness to the family see the Fan Bird Legend, click HERE